Wind Power Scheduling - Mock Exercise

In the matter of Implementation of Renewable Regulatory Fund Mechanism under Indian Electricity Grid Code 2010, Honorable Central Electricity Regulatory Commission have passed an Order dated 16/01/2013 in Suo Motu Petition No. 209/2011 & Petition No.2/MP/2012.


Based on the Order, mock exercise for Forecasting and Scheduling of Wind Power shall start w.e.f. 1.2.2013, with the ABT Meters presently installed. All concerned agencies are directed to gear up for implementation of RRF Mechanism w.e.f. 1.7.2013.


We are with the solution to provide mock exercise for

  1. Scheduling of Wind Power
  2. Commercial Settlement Report for every 15 Minutes Time Block, in comparison with Online Actual Meter Data, as per the six cases of Indian Electricity Grid Code 2010.