Online Wind Power Monitoring Service

This Service shall be provided to the Management of Wind Power Projects. For the same, we shall supply an ABT Meter with MODEM to be connected as Check Meter, and shall provide an User ID & Password for Online Monitoring Reports.


We provide the following Monitoring Reports for the Wind Power Management.

  1. 15 Minutes Slot wise Generation Report with Grid Frequency (Lively basis).
  2. 5 TOD Slot wise Generation Report (Daily basis).
  3. Cumulative Generation Report (Both 15 Minutes & 5 ToD slot wise).
  4. Comparison Generation Report (Both 15 Minutes & 5 ToD slot wise).
  5. Comparison Report for Wind Non Availability & Machine Non Availability with Timings.
  6. Grid Non Availability Report with Timings.
  7. Provision for Data Sharing to compare the reports of nearest Wind Mills of same or different management, if mutually accepted.
  8. Generation Reports Before & After Line Loss for the Wind Mills connected at 10(1) Sub Station.


  1. For the Open Access / Captive Wind Power Consumers, they can be aware of the Wind Power availability on lively basis to manage their Power consumption.
  2. For the Wind Mills connected at 10(1) sub station, line loss can be measured accurately at 00.00 hrs of the reading date.
  3. Most of the Operation & Maintenance Service Providers shall provide Machine Availability Guarantee at certain % per annum, excluding Grid Non Availability. In this situation, Wind Power Management shall now be aware of the following.

         a) Grid Non Availability with Timings (Actual Data).

         b) Machine Non Availability with Timings (Logical Data), and

         c) Wind Non Availability with Timings (Logical Data).